Which is the Best Ultrabook – MacBook Pro – XPS 13 – Razer Blade Stealth?

best ultrabook

MacBook Pro – XPS 13 – Razer Blade Stealth

Three of the Best Ultrabook Computers

The MacBook Pro, XPS 13, and Razer Blade Stealth are among three of the best ultrabook computers on the market right now. The Kaby Lake XPS 13, the Kaby Lake Razer Blade Stealth, and the non-Kaby Lake, Skylake MacBook Pro 13 inch all have excellent build quality. So if you’re interested in purchasing a top of the line ultrabook, this post and video will, hopefully, help you choose one of these three.  Before we go any further, let’s define exactly what an ultrabook is. An ultrabook is a lightweight type of laptop. Ultrabooks have similar functionality to a regular laptop; however, because they are slim, light, sleek and fast, they  lack some of the hardware features of ordinary laptops.

Pricing – Razer Blade Stealth Wins

best ultrabook

Razer Blade Stealth 12.5″ 4K Touchscreen Ultrabook

First, let us look at pricing. The XPS 13 comes in a wide variety of configurations. You can get it as low as $800 for a kinda gimpy-load out, but to make the three laptops comparable, I think the $1300 configuration is the best value. The Razer Blade Stealth also starts at a thousand dollars, but the best value there comes in at $1250, where you get 16 gigs of RAM. And then the MacBook is $1500. The paper specs of the Macbook look weak for the price, but the overall experience is very good.

Head to Head Comparison – MacBook Pro is Best Ultrabook

The top of the line leader here is the MacBook Pro. The engineering on this machine  is fantastic, and all the moving parts are very well fitted with no play. Structurally, the Macbook Pro is rock solid as well. It is the best ultrabook computer on the market. The XPS 13 comes in at a solid second place here. It has a carbon fibre chassis, aluminium panels,and is really well made. While the Stealth is also a really good computer, it is just not as good as the other two. The black anodisation on the Stealth can get nicked, so be careful with it. Get a sleeve or a skin to protect the finish.

Customer Service – Apple Wins

Now without a doubt, Apple has the best customer service amongst these three companies. Nevertheless, Apple is far from perfect. One big drawback is that this particular MacBook is basically irreparable outside of Apple. But, their customer service is really good. And the Apple stores are a real plus. Dell is a distant second. The lack of retail stores makes it harder to get stuff fixed. Also, Dell’s support can be hit or miss. Razer is a smaller company.  Their smaller size makes it harder for a the company to have immediate customer support like the other two. Razer is also hit or miss. Razer’s customer support is the bottom of the three. So, if customer support is a dealbreaker for you, the Apple is your company. Apple has absolutely amazing customer service.

Keyboard – Macbook Pro – Best Ultrabook Keyboard and Trackpad

best ultrabook

Apple MacBook Pro MLW72LL

The keyboards are all pretty good, so it’s more of a preference thing. For me personally, I would rank them as MacBook Pro first, Stealth second, and the XPS 13 third. The second-gen butterfly switches on the MacBook are better than the first gen, but they’re not perfect. The Stealth also has RGB lighting on the keys, which looks pretty cool. In terms of trackpads, the MacBook trackpad is king. It’s big, it has the Taptic Engine so you can click anywhere. The tracking is dead accurate. And the clicking feels awesome. The other two are both good as well. The XPS 13 is mildly better. But  you would be happy using either of them.

Best Ultrabook Speakers – Macbook Pro

Speakers on the MacBook Pro are by far the best. The Macbook Pro has the loudest and the clearest audio, and the best bass. The Stealth is second best in audio, a distant second best. The XPS 13 is third.

Best Ultrabook Port Selection – XPS 13

best ultrabook

New Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook Computer

Port selection is best on the XPS 13. The Dell is equipped with Thunderbolt 3, two USB 3’s, and an SD card slot. And it has that sweet battery indicator. The Stealth trades the SD card slot for an HDMI port. This is quite useful if you’re streaming movie that you want to display on you HDTV. And then the MacBook Pro is the worst of the bunch when it comes to ports. It only has two Thunderbolt 3 ports.

Screen Display –  MacBook Pro

The best looking screen lid is still the XPS 13 because of that infinity edge display. The panel itself also looks really nice. The MacBook Pro has larger bezels, but the display panel itself is the best of this group. It’s lower resolution than the XPS 13, but it gets very bright. Plus, the colour gamut and accuracy is really good. The panel on the Stealth is also solid, but it’s a 12 inch screen.

Hard Drive Storage

The two Windows machines have user upgradeable storage. The Mac storage is technically upgradeable, but it’s proprietary. Fortunately, it’s already very fast. They also have different processors, but they actually feel really similar to each other under normal use.

No User Upgradeable RAM

You’d actually have a tough time telling them apart. Now, none of these three ultrabooks have user upgradeable RAM. The 16 gigs of RAM on the Stealth is nice if you keep lot of tabs open in Chrome. The i7 Intel processor is also decent at 1080p video edits. If you’re doing regular Ultrabook things like emails, word processing, and media consumption or Excel stuff, these will all feel very similar in terms of performance.

Best Gaming Laptop – MacBook Pro

For gaming, the MacBook Pro actually has the best integrated video card of the bunch with the Iris 540. You can get some decent frame-rates in light games. The other laptops have HD 620 chips, newer chips, but slower. The frame-rates are Moderate  in lighter games, but the Iris 540 on the MacBook Pro is definitely the clear winner among the three ultrabooks. The Stealth currently has the best compatibility right now with external GPUs for gaming. It connects with the Razer Core perfectly. The XPS 13 kinda works with the Core, but the 13 inch MacBook Pro doesn’t connect at all right now, even in BootCamp.


There are external GPUs on the horizon that should connect with these nicely though. The fans on the XPS 13 and the Stealth are the most audible on idle, quiet but audible. The fans on the MacBook Pro on idle are essentially silent. When they’re under load, they’re all pretty quiet still. That’s one advantage of dual-core CPUs. Thermally, they’re all very comfortable to use under load with the XPS 13 being slightly warmer, but I wouldn’t worry about thermal issues on these laptops at all. The MacBook has the best battery life at over 9 hours of use. Now Apple laptops traditionally had much bigger batteries, but in tuning down its size, the battery is smaller. The XPS 13 and the Stealth both deliver good battery life too. Partially because of the more efficient Kaby Lake chips that they’re running, they can comfortably hit 8 hours of battery life as well.


Best Ultrabook Value – Razer Blade Stealth

You can’t go wrong choosing any of these three, ultrabooks. They’re all very good laptops and among the best ultrabook computers available. If you’re comfortable with both MacOS and Windows, the best value is the Razer Blade Stealth right now. The Core i7, 16 Gigs of RAM, and 256 Gigs of storage is a really good value. Now, it’s not to say the other two aren’t good, they are very good or else they won’t be in this review or video. There are pros and cons to every choice you make. But best value? Razer Blade Stealth right now.

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